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Business Perspective: Dell

| February/March 2020 Footnote

One thing Dell is passionate about is creating a better user experience and helping the small businesses we partner with maximize productivity and stay abreast of the latest tech trends and innovations.

Monitor technology and design have improved vastly over the past few years. If you have not updated in the last five years, you and your team are missing out on new ways to be productive and promote collaboration. Dell monitors are designed to give users the right tools for their jobs. New monitors feature a greatly enhanced screen experience, thin bezel design, better usability features and unsurpassed reliability.

So, how can Dell dual display or large format display technology help your CPA firm be more productive? While Dell has many solutions to help your firm increase productivity, the two solutions below are a sure-fire way to increase productivity, have higher user satisfaction and increase task accuracy.

Why have one, when you can have many!

While working on a single laptop screen or monitor was the norm a few years ago, the traditional monitor setup of the past could be seriously hindering the productivity of the employees in your firm. With a multi-screen or large format display, users experience up to a 21% increase in user efficiency. You may ask yourself: What is the best solution for my firm or user experience?

Multi-display solutions for multitasking CPAs

One way to increase productivity and increase positive user experience is to incorporate a multi-display solution at your firm. This allows users to simultaneously compare and view information while also improving task accuracy and overall efficiency. Because CPAs are almost always multitasking or using multiple software programs at one time, using a multi-display solution, users can reduce app window switching by up to 15% compared to a traditional setup. This allows you to view multiple programs and tasks at the same time and reduce the need to maximize and minimize those pesky windows to transfer information and data from one program to another. The products Dell suggests for this solution is two of our U2419H displays, or if you want USB-C built-in, select the U2419HC model. The U2419H is offered in a dual-monitor bundle with our MDA19 stand so that the dual setup ships ready to install on your desk!

Bigger is better

Another solution that may be viable for your firm could be using one single large-format display. This solution differs from the multi-display solution in the sense that instead of two or more screens, you use a larger monitor and use our display technology, Dell Display Manager, that allows you to split the screen in multiple different configurations to view multiple panes at once. Because Dell recommends using the U3419W monitor for this solution, the added benefit to the large-format display is the inclusion of USB-C technology. USB-C technology allows users to forego the use of a dock and use your PC to power the monitor for ease of use. Want something just a little bigger and a little higher resolution than the U3419W? Check out Dell’s U3818DW!

How do you take advantage of the MNCPA partnership to upgrade your displays?

The MNCPA has partnered with Dell to be the technology partner for its members. This partnership offers MNCPA members the ability to save extra on all Dell products, including Dell displays. To take advantage of these offers, you can visit www.dell.com/MNCPA or call 800-757-8442 and mention that you are an MNCPA member. You can also reach directly out to the MNCPA program manager, Alicia Bowling, at Dell by emailing Alicia.bowling@dell.com.


Contact: Alicia Bowling, strategic partnership management advisor
Phone: 1-512-513-1057
Web: dell.com/mncpa
Email: alicia.bowling@dell.com

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