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February/March 2024


Hawkins Ash CPAs promoted David Fochs, CPA to partner.

John A. Knutson & Company PLLP promoted Cynthia McLagan, EA to director.

John A. Knutson & Company PLLP promoted Timothy Urban, CPA, MBT to director.

John A. Knutson & Company PLLP promoted Nathan Graf, CPA to director.

John A. Knutson & Company PLLP promoted Logan Kalis, CPA to director.

Mahoney promoted Kari Erickson to COO.

Mahoney promoted Tyler Hanson, CPA to director.

Mahoney promoted Jeff DeGree, CPA to associate director.

Mahoney promoted Paul O’Connor to senior associate.

Mahoney promoted Ellie Beckman to senior associate.

Mahoney promoted Anjelica Smith to senior associate.

Mahoney promoted Abigail Hansen to associate.

Mahoney promoted Anna Nguyen to associate.

Mahoney promoted Chow Thao to associate.

Member News

Derrick Doerr, CPA, JD, joined Nepsis, Inc. as vice president (tax & advanced markets).

In memoriam

Michael Nichols, CPA passed away. An MNCPA member of 48 years who assisted individuals and small businesses with taxes in the Twin Cities area, he is survived by his wife of 55 years, Louise, their children and grandchildren.

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