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Footnote Magazine

Footnote cover

June/July 2024

Learn which provisions from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are set to expire in 2025. Also in this issue:

  • Discover what artificial intelligence can (and can't) do, and why accountants have an advantage over technology.
  • Empower your staff to communicate professionally.
  • See which tax credits your residential or business clients can take under the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.
  • Take a closer took at BOI reporting under the Corporate Transparency Act to see what you or your clients need to know to stay compliant.

Updates from our members, including promotions, new hires, speaking engagements and firm news.

The case of the Leaky investment
Charles Selcer, CPA, MBA
MNCPA member Chuck Selcer shares his knowledge about ethics requirements and laws with unique humorous fictitious stories.

Use summer to refresh, reconnect
Boz Bostrom
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: Preparing for the provisions set to expire
Ed Zollars, CPA, Kaplan Financial Education
Now that we are into the middle of 2024, it’s a good time to review the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) provisions scheduled to expire at the end of 2025 if no action is taken by Congress to extend them.

Beyond numbers: Can AI fully replace accountants?
Jeff Butler
AI scientists around the world have not been able to overcome certain barriers, which is why some jobs, like accounting, are safe.

Mastering professional writing
Kristy Gusick, Align Marketing Group
As the post-pandemic world adapts to remote work and virtual interactions, mastering the art of professional writing has never been more important.

Enhancing energy efficiency
Marlon Stepp and David Shereda
The IRA brought about significant enhancement to many energy efficiency tax incentives for businesses, developers and homeowners. Here are some key opportunities to consider.

The Corporate Transparency Act: Where are we now?
Charles E. Jones, Esq.
The Corporate Transparency Act was enacted in late 2020. The law creates a database of “beneficial owners” of certain business entities.

Family tax credits are investments in our future
Paul Marquart
Find out about key issues the MNCPA is monitoring at the Capitol. Stay current on legislative news and events with stories, tips and grassroots involvement.

A closer look at the BOA’s retired status
Julia Shiota, MNCPA communications coordinator
Learn about important news from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy. Monthly topics include rules, CPE requirements, CPA exam information, licensing, and more.