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In the season of thanks, here are mine

Chair's Message

Katie Gabriel, CPA | November 2021 Footnote

Editor's note: Updated October 29, 2021

Given this is November, and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, I believe it’s particularly timely to talk about the gratitude that I’ve carried for not only the past few months, but also before and throughout the duration of the nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m grateful for you, the MNCPA members, for how you’ve shown resilience, resolve and dedication to your clients and businesses for which you work. These are not easy times, and there’s no sight of it letting up for the foreseeable future. Your steady hands have helped countless Minnesotans in a historic time, and I am proud to be among you in our chosen profession. I am also grateful to be in a profession that is in such high demand and one that can take you in countless directions.

I’m grateful to the MNCPA, its staff and the opportunities, community and, yes, networking (a favorite of mine!), that comes with our association with this organization. I’m impressed with how the MNCPA has stepped up to be an incredible resource for its members throughout the pandemic; the increased advocacy efforts and timely communication are appreciated.

And, yes, I’m grateful for my growing, healthy family. As I shared in my August column, I’ve received tremendous support from both my employer and the MNCPA that afforded me the opportunity to focus where necessary: My family. It’s allowed me to be present, aware and involved in those early, critical weeks and months of a significant life change. My children ground me while keeping me on my toes. I feel very blessed for their health and the joy that they’ve brought into my life.

I have great appreciation and gratitude for those in my life who have supported me in this expanding role, and who have filled in for other duties to give me this time. I’m hopeful that many of you reading this have those same support systems in place. I understand some may not, but I hope we can, as a profession, continue to work together to move toward a time when we can all leverage these same opportunities.

It’s equally important for all of us to pause, take a step back and reflect about the “why” behind what we’re doing. This goes for our personal and professional lives. It helps us take account of the time and commitment we give in all areas of our lives and, especially, as many of you enter a particularly busy time of your calendar. With that in mind, I’ll end by asking this: For what are you grateful?

Katie Gabriel, CPA

Chair, MNCPA board of directors