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Footnote Magazine

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September 2018

Read how the Wayfair court ruling impacts taxes and businesses.

  • Does a C Corp or S Corp make more sense for businesses?
  • Learn the five languages of workplace appreciation.
  • Understand stay, skip-level interviews.

Updates from our members, including promotions, new hires, speaking engagements and firm news.

The case of the ATF fine
Charles Selcer, CPA, MBA
MNCPA member Chuck Selcer shares his knowledge about ethics requirements and laws with unique humorous fictitious stories.

Harness your strengths
Rebecca Keran, CPA, MBA, CGMA
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Sales and use tax nexus in a post-Wayfair world
David Welliver, Deloitte Tax LLP and Sara Clear, Deloitte Tax LLP
This article discusses the Court's reasoning in overturning Quill and the potential sales and use tax implications for companies.

Business Perspective: Drake Software
Crowdfunding is the collection of a large number of small donations to fund a cause, project or organization and it's broken down into three categories: donation, reward or equity-based crowdfunding.

C Corporation or S Corporation?
John Werlhof, CPA, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
While C Corporation status became relatively more attractive as a result of tax reform, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to entity selection.

5 languages of appreciation in the workplace
Jana Cinnamon, Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP
Nearly any employee-engagement study tells you employees are happier -- and more productive -- when they feel appreciated. So, what's the best way to foster a culture of workplace appreciation?

Are you worried about keeping your best talent?
A "skip-level" interview or "stay" interview allows you to address issues and concerns before they become more serious and open opportunities for employees to leave.

Q&A: The Department of Revenue's new tax professional outreach coordinator, Mark Krause
Geno Fragnito, MNCPA director of government relations
Find out about key issues the MNCPA is monitoring at the Capitol. Stay current on legislative news and events with stories, tips and grassroots involvement.

Corporate CPAs: What's your status?
Anne Janotta Erickson, MNCPA senior business & industry marketing coordinator
Learn about important news from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy. Monthly topics include rules, CPE requirements, CPA exam information, licensing, and more.