MNCPA Footnote: Practice Management

A new way to do what we do - September 2017
This article will attempt to provide a brief background on blockchain technology, a high-level understanding of how it functions and what it may mean for the world of accountancy and finance.

In light of Lapidus v. Lurie - February/March 2019
Minnesota courts upheld a CPA firm’s noncompetition agreement with the firm’s former managing partner, carrying clear takeaways for firms in structuring retirement and noncompetition provisions.

Business Perspective: Drake Software - February/March 2019
To learn more about Drake Software’s new accounting product, the Taxing Subjects Podcast invited Drake Accounting development manager Jay Eager to the studio for a chat.

When it comes to independent study CPE, you don’t get to make the rules - February/March 2019
Learn about important news from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy. Monthly topics include rules, CPE requirements, CPA exam information, licensing, and more.

Business Perspective: ADP - April 2019
Not an expert in technology or systems integration? You may need to become one if you want to deepen your client relationships, according to new research.

Creating change with orange folders - April 2019
If there’s one universal truth in this world, it’s this: Creating change in an organization can be difficult.

Practice management in a smaller firm - May 2019
The foundation of the small firm itself is solid if the various aspects of practice management are in place, monitored and followed.

Minnesota has a CPA exam ‘gender gap’ - May 2019
The gender gap in public accounting is real — and it is a significant problem for the profession.

New partnership tax reporting requirements - August 2019
The IRS is requiring additional information in 2018 partnership returns, some of which already have been filed and others have been extended to a Sept. 15, 2019, due date.

Build a virtual CPA firm in 5 steps - August 2019
In this series, Daniel Moshe, the CEO of Tech Guru, outlines how to free up your team to achieve greater productivity making the most of technology.

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