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MNCPA Footnote: Technology

We can never go back to before - May 2021
Now is the time to start thinking about a different normal in the workplace. The future of retaining — and recruiting — staff may depend on it.

The three C’s of a quality cloud audit - May 2021
Internal auditors need to validate that the appropriate alert mechanisms are in place and working, and that appropriate personnel are being notified to take corrective action.

Business Perspective: Dell Technologies - May 2021
In the world of small business, many teams consider data to be their most valuable asset, but the reality is that it can also be among the most vulnerable.

Can we have the best of both worlds? - June/July 2021
Hybrid work may be a win-win for employees and employers.

As organizations move back to work, what does ‘the new normal’ look like? - June/July 2021
The pandemic required employers to rethink office and work arrangements. Employers are also were faced with demographic, economic, cultural and technological changes.

Business Perspective: CPACharge - June/July 2021
CPAs and accountants are all too familiar with the fact that it costs money to move money within our financial systems. Credit cards are no exception to this rule.

Keep your pipeline alive now so you can thrive later - June/July 2020
With much of the world in disarray and businesses feeling like they are in limbo because of COVID-19, it may seem like the wrong time to focus attention on business development at your firm. It's not.

Giving thanks in trying times - November 2020
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Maintaining and enhancing client engagement now and in the future - November 2020
Thankfully, there are several actions you can take (that don’t require you to log into Zoom) to maintain a high level of client service from afar.

How to leverage Microsoft’s Power BI - August 2021
For accountants, this means you now have the power at your fingertips to perform advanced data analytics.

Tax implications of remote workers - December 2022/January 2023
Adopting a co-employer model is one way to manage the tax compliance and HR requirements associated with remote workers.

Technology is key to relationships, our work - December 2022/January 2023
Find out about key issues the MNCPA is monitoring at the Capitol. Stay current on legislative news and events with stories, tips and grassroots involvement.

5 smart strategies to grow your business - December 2022/January 2023
MNCPA partner, CPACharge, shares tips to increase revenue and enhance your client experience.

Maximizing your technology while minimizing your expenses - February/March 2023
Challenging business climates demand that we keep a sharp eye on expenses without sacrificing the quality of our services or the goods we produce.

What tax practitioners need to know about cybersecurity - October 2021
While leaders and security experts continue to evolve protective measures to lessen the threat of tax identity theft, tax preparers must take precautions to shield themselves and their clients.

How do you judge innovation? Experts offer their guidance - February/March 2023
Innovation is much sought after, but hard to define. This checklist can help set your vision apart.

Clarity is the key - April/May 2023
Communication is the lifeblood of all organizations. Be sure you're applying the right tool for the task at hand.

A great time to be green - August/September 2023
Go green with 10 new federal tax incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act.

5 critical technologies for 2022 - December 2021/January 2022
With so many new and emerging technologies available, it can be challenging to identify those that can have an immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.

Flexibility and the workplace of the future: What does that mean? - February/March 2021
Here’s the bottom line as you prepare to lead the workplace of the future: Creating flexibility by design gives your organization a better chance of success than allowing flexibility with ambiguity.

Acknowledging the good in challenging times - April 2021
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Communication drives everything - February/March 2022
Adapt your communication style to meet others where they are.

5 ways empathetic leadership can make digital transformation real - October/November 2022
Being more empathetic will not only help companies rebound from the last two years, it will also enable them to find their authentic voice and become an unstoppable force in technology and business.

Top technologies to consider for 2024 - February/March 2024
Learn about key technologies and how they can help your organization achieve its objectives in 2024.

What Auditchain and DCARPE Alliance means for the future - December 2019/January 2020
It appears the accounting, audit and financial reporting profession is due for a major long-term upgrade cycle.

Business Perspective: Dell - February/March 2020
How to maximize the productivity of your CPA firm using Dell displays

Digital skimming — an evolving and adaptive threat - February/March 2020
In common language, digital skimming is the theft of information during an online interaction. Are you protecting yourself and others?

Are you ready for this new crypto question on Schedule 1? - February/March 2020
If you or any of your clients had any cryptocurrency transactions during 2019, a crypto tax software is an essential tool to calculate your cryptocurrency gains and losses.

COVID-19, disaster planning guidance for employers - April 2020
Whether for the COVID-19 pandemic or a future disaster, make sure your office has a plan in place to keep operations going.

Business Perspective: Dell - June/July 2020
As a modern worker, you need the agility and flexibility in your technology solutions to keep up with your busy, bustling schedule — and Dell has those exact solutions to make that happen.

Securing your technology while on the go - June/July 2020
Whether working from a coffee shop or in an airport, you must be vigilant to protect your devices and all the information they contain.

Tax reform and the role of tech, two years in - September 2020
Following the TCJA, tax technology is evolving to help companies meet new requirements in such areas as data management and analytics, calculations and reporting.

Critical considerations for selecting and implementing an ERP platform - September 2020
As organizations seek to improve operations and increase efficiency, many are considering implementing or replacing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system — and for good reasons.

Hands-on collaboration still key in a virtual year - September 2020
Find out about key issues the MNCPA is monitoring at the Capitol. Stay current on legislative news and events with stories, tips and grassroots involvement.

Business Perspective: CPACHARGE - October 2020
While many have taken to remote work like ducks to water, others are a bit more hesitant. We’ve put together a few of our best practices for successfully working from home.

Accounting and auditing in the age of digital assets - October 2020
The digital asset ecosystem is changing and expanding rapidly. So, how is the accounting profession responding to the changes being brought by digital assets?

Perfect your accounting firm playbook: 3 easy steps to improve profitability - December 2023/January 2024
In these ever-changing times, adaptability is key. Here are three easy steps to enhance your accounting firm's profitability playbook and ensure consistent cash flow in an uncertain future.

Emerging trends in data governance and privacy - April 2021
Business professionals have an absolute need to understand critical emerging trends in data governance and privacy.

Upheaval and resilience: The path to accounting amid COVID-19 - April 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic will cast a long shadow on our world in ways that even the best futurists have failed to consider. We just don’t know what we don’t know.

Harness the power of your mobile devices - April/May 2022
Consider downloading these apps to maximize the power of mobile devices in today’s climate.

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