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Discovering unexpected gifts in candid conversations

August 9, 2019  |  Linda Wedul

Discovering unexpected gifts in candid conversations One of the most rewarding parts of my job is attending MNCPA events and meeting new people. I greatly enjoy having conversations with members and learning about how they’re continually growing in their careers.
You would think this enjoyment would transfer over to attending events for my own personal development, right? It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not quite as easy for me when the focus is on myself.
Now I love learning -- it falls into my top five strengths (if you’re familiar with StrengthsFinder). I also hold the certified association executive (CAE) credential and, to maintain it, I'm required to earn continuing education credits. But, when it comes to my own development, I would rather read a leadership book than attend an event where I don’t know anyone.
When I feel myself wanting to retreat and say things like, “I have so much to do” and “I'll go to the next one,” I pause and remember the unexpected gifts I found when I pushed myself to engage with new people. Gifts that included:
  • Longtime friends, the kind of friends that call or email just to check in with you because they haven't heard from you in a while.
  • Smart, and I mean really smart, people who helped me work through a work or personal problem.
  • Innovative and insightful conversations about new ideas, renewing my energy and enthusiasm.
Maybe you find yourself in a similar situation when it comes to personal development. If what I described resonates with you, I strongly encourage you to consider attending our upcoming event, Candid Conversations With Women.
This event provides a welcoming and educational environment for female CPAs to share stories, ideas and common challenges. You’ll be so happy you put aside the to-do list and invested in yourself.
At Candid Conversations, you'll meet: 
  • Tracey Golden, the vice chair of the AICPA. Her guiding principle is, “Do right and fear no man.” Now that sounds like someone with courage. 
  • Mary Jepperson, a CPA and MNCPA member, who will share insights on life, career prioritization and what brings you joy. Now that sounds like someone with wisdom. 
  • Melissa Harrison, a CEO with four children. She founded her successful business at the age of 26. Now that sounds like someone with experience setting priorities. 
And equally important are the other attendees who share many of your same challenges and desires for success. Sometimes the most valuable learning happens between the sessions and in the hallway!
Please join me at Candid Conversations With Women to broaden your professional network, bolster your courage and leave with unexpected gifts. I will be there, and I look forward to meeting you and learning from you.

Topics: Career, Leadership, Personal Development , Work-Life Balance

Linda Wedul

Linda Wedul is president and CEO of the MNCPA. She’s usually spotted at MNCPA events, introducing herself to members with a warm smile and memorable laugh. Mixed among the Footnotes, accounting journals, leadership books and three monitors in her office, you’d be surprised to see a dog kennel. Her unpaid job is volunteering as a foster family for service dogs in training through Can-Do-Canines. She and her husband have two adult children and live in Farmington. Linda can be reached at 952-885-5516 or

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