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Retirement planning tips for any age

February 22, 2021  |  Corey Butler

Retirement planning tips for any age A focus on retirement planning should be front of mind in good times and bad. If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that our lives can be upended in numerous and concurrent ways.

Whether you’re at the start of your adult life or are nearing retirement, have very little contributed to your golden years or are well on your way to a season in the sun, here are some key considerations for every stage of life when it comes to retirement planning.

Consult a certified public accountant

Tax planning is a big part of putting together the whole picture for your life and retirement. A certified public accountant is a great foundation to get that conversation started.

Don’t have a CPA? Visit CPAmeASAP.com or call 800-331-4288 to connect with a CPA today.

Topics: Taxation-Individual, Personal Financial Planning, Estate Planning

Corey Butler

Corey Butler is the MNCPA communications manager, working to enhance members’ professional reputations through content, media relations and public affairs. Corey keeps busy outside of the MNCPA spending time with his wife and children, serving on his local school board, volunteering in his community and catching up on long-lost hobbies. Corey enjoys the works of John Steinbeck and J.K. Rowling, and Paul Bunyan, Robin Hood and Santa Claus lore. You may reach him at 952-885-5533 or cbutler@mncpa.org.

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