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Submitting a Report to the General Industries Review Task Force

The General Industries Review Task Force of the MNCPA offers a complimentary evaluation service to MNCPA members. Up to two reports may be submitted by a CPA firm for review by two Task Force members who have expertise in the industry being reported on. Submission is completely voluntary.

Why submit a report?

  • Receive professional, anonymous feedback from MNCPA peers
  • Involves no regulatory or punitive ramifications
  • Strengthen CPA practice by ensuring quality reporting
  • Review can serve as one element of practice monitoring system in between peer review years

What can be submitted

  • Audit reports
  • Review reports
  • Full-disclosure compilation reports

Do not submit reports for employee benefit plans, or any entity subject to government accounting and auditing standards.

How to submit

1. Remove or mask all information that identifies the CPA firm and the entity being reported on

2. On the title page, write:

  • Industry reported on
  • Number of staff in the firm

3. Provide contact information for return of comments.

4. Submit by July 16, 2021 one of two ways:

Submit by email (preferred) 

Submit by postal mail (two copies required)
Chandany McDermott
1650 W 82nd St., Ste 600
Bloomington, MN 55431


Submission deadline is July 16, 2021.

Comments from the Task Force will be returned by December 31, 2021.

For more information

Contact Chandany McDermott at 952-885-5506 or by email.