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Volunteering for an MNCPA Financial Report Review Task Force

The MNCPA offers a financial report review service on a complimentary basis to its members. The report evaluation is done by four MNCPA task forces:

  • General Industries
  • Employee Benefit Plan

Only through the volunteer time provided by MNCPA members on these task forces is this service possible.
About the Report Review program 

Why volunteer?

  • Build technical skills by reviewing
  • Improve the overall quality of the profession by providing helpful feedback to other practitioners
  • Gain ideas and insights from the reporting of other firms
  • Increase value to employer and clients
  • Minimal time commitment (8-10 hours)

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How it works

Task Force volunteers submit background information on the industries in which they have expertise.

Task forces either a) gather initially for a short meeting to receive instructions and for distribution of the reports for their review, or b) are mailed reports to review. The volunteers then review their assigned reports as they have time, using the checklist provided to them.

On an assigned date, the entire Task Force gathers for a half-day at the MNCPA offices. Each report is reviewed a second time, and comments, if any, are written up for each report. MNCPA staff send the comments out to the CPA firm that prepared the report.

Qualifications required

  • MNCPA member
  • CPA certificate holder
  • Three or more years of experience in financial reporting
  • Currently working in public accounting (with limited exceptions)

Individual task forces have the following additional requirements:

  • Employee Benefit Plan Task Force: Experience with employee benefit plan financial reporting is required.
  • General Industries Review Task Force: Volunteers are asked to indicate their areas of expertise by industry. Reports are assigned based on expertise.

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Meeting schedules

Employee Benefit Plan Task Force
Full Task Force meets in early January

General Industries Review Task Force
Full Task Force meets in September

For more information

Contact Chandany McDermott at 952-885-5506 or by email.