M Sessions

Wednesday, November 15,
8 - 9:25 a.m.

M1. Estate, Gift and Trust Planning in a High (Rising?) Interest Rate Environment

Speaker(s): Paul Dinzeo
NASBA field of study: Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)

The economy has transitioned from a 15-year low interest rate cycle to a significantly higher interest rate environment. The gift and estate tax planning techniques that were incredibly powerful for your clients may no longer be optimal, but there are other planning techniques that are now, due to higher rates, more appealing. Learn relevant planning techniques for a high/rising interest rate environment. Understand how higher interest rates may impact prior planning and how to offer solutions to address those problems.

M2. Cannabis 101 for CPAs: Tax and Accounting Issues You Need to Know

Speaker(s): Cory Parnell, Calvin Shannon
NASBA field of study: Taxes - Technical (1.5)

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Cannabis is a new, complex and growing industry. Learn about the nuanced issues cannabis operators face and how you can help clients who work in, or are looking to enter, this industry. Gain an understanding of the opportunities and the unique tax and accounting challenges presented by the cannabis industry.

Presented in partnership with BGM.

M3. How to Increase an Accounting Firm's Capacity

Speaker(s): Bob Lewis, Doug Lewis
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1.5)

Capacity refers to a firm’s ability to process current work and handle new clients. Outsourcing or offshoring is the most well-known solution, but what else can your firm do? Dive into what has created this capacity problem and how you can maintain and increase profitability by breaking down existing capacity barriers. Discuss options for firms of any size, including the impact of compression, value pricing, client analysis and adding advisory services. See how you can still take on new clients when capacity is already stretched. Review the use of partnering to add client value while increasing profits and learn how to create a capacity expansion plan that is unique to your firm’s needs.