Danielle Tewes, CPA

Danielle Tewes

K1x, Inc.
Spirit Lake, IA

Danielle Tewes, CPA, is the vice president of client success at K1x, Inc. Her teams of client success managers, implementation specialists and product support help to deliver successful experiences in K1x products. Danielle is passionate about the K1x solutions and the benefits they can bring to clients. Prior to K1x, Danielle spent 15 years in public accounting as a tax practitioner; she worked with clients across the country on federal, state and international tax compliance and consulting matters, and specialized in working with large institutional investors with a high volume of Schedule K-1s.

Conference session(s)

Session N3: Wednesday, 9:45 – 10:35 a.m.
N3. Examining the Schedule K-1