MNCPA Tax Conference

TAX22 on Twitter

Twitter is an online tool to build your personal reputation and share information using 280 characters or fewer.

Find or tweet about the MNCPA Tax Conference using #MNCPATAX22

Why follow TAX22 on Twitter?

You can’t be everywhere at once. Twitter allows you to hear what was discussed at sessions you weren’t able to attend. Or perhaps you just want to hear what others thought of a particular topic or speaker. By using the hashtag #MNCPATAX22, you can see the entire TAX22 conversation.

If you haven't explored Twitter yet, here are some reasons to start:

  • Read highlights from sessions you couldn't attend.
  • Find links to resources that speakers mentioned in their presentations.
  • Learn how other CPAs feel about a controversial topic.
  • Get follow-up information and comments from speakers who tweet.
  • Sending your staff to the conference? Follow their tweets to see what they're learning.

Why should a CPA use Twitter?

Twitter is more than another social networking tool. When used strategically, Twitter is a powerful way to build your own reputation and set yourself apart professionally. You are an expert in your field; share that expertise on Twitter and watch the word spread.

Tweeting not only strengthens your reputation but also that of your firm or company. When you share your expertise through tweeting, you are enhancing the credibility of your firm. And what firm doesn’t want to have a resident pro representing them online?

Getting started

Twitter is free and simple to use. Visit to get tweeting today! Some things to remember:

  • Complete your profile. Include a brief bio and location details. Doing so helps people find you.
  • Use your real name. Or at least a variation. Again, it’s all about building your personal reputation.
  • Show your face. In other words, include a picture.