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CPE Rules

CPE requirements
Information on overall CPE requirements and limitations, as well as approved CPE sponsors. Includes updated CPE rules effective Jan. 9, 2018.

Ethics requirement
Every three-year reporting period must include 8 ethics credits (regulatory and/or behavioral) as part of the 120 credits of CPE reported.

CPE reporting and record keeping
Active CPAs must report CPE annually. Learn more about how to report and what documents you need to keep for your records.

CPE rules FAQ
Answers to the CPE rule questions most frequently asked by MNCPA members.

NASBA Registry of CPE Sponsors
At least 72 CPE credits per reporting period must be from Minnesota BOA-approved sponsors or NASBA-registered sponsors. Self-study and nano-learning programs have their own rules and require approval through NASBA. The Minnesota BOA requires that all self-study and nano-learning come from NASBA-approved sponsors.

Specialized credit information
The MNCPA offers specialized credits for select events to help fulfill the continuing education needs of attendees who hold multiple credentials.

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CPE Rules Resources

CPE Log: Never lose track of your CPE again
Track your credits in your personal CPE Log, a free, easy-to-use tool for MNCPA members only.

Frequently asked questions about BOA rules
Get answers to common questions on CPE credits, self-study, MNCPA seminar and conference attendance and more.

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