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CPA Day at the Capitol

Showing strength in numbers

About the event

CPA Day at the Capitol 2024 has concluded. 

Stay tuned for event and registration details in January 2025 for the next CPA Day. 

This event gives you a platform to educate your state legislators on issues important to the CPA profession.

Hot button issues, including federal conformity and private letter rulings, are complicated. CPAs are recognized as knowledge experts, capable of breaking down these complicated issues while representing what’s best for businesses and families alike.

View the MNCPA's legislative agenda 

What you can expect:

  • General session speakers.
  • Appointments with your lawmakers.
  • All logistics coordinated by MNCPA staff.

Why you should attend:

  • Educate: Lawmakers rely on CPAs' expertise to guide them through the unknown.
  • Outcome: Play a role in influencing Minnesota's economic recovery.
  • Serve: Speak up on behalf of your clients or company.

Please note: No CPE credit is available for this event. 

For more information

Geno Fragnito