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MNCPA Political Action Committee (PAC)

What is the MNCPA PAC?

The MNCPA PAC is the accounting profession's political action committee in Minnesota. You should support candidates who share similar views on business and professional issues. The PAC was formed to raise funds and provide financial assistance to Minnesota's legislative candidates who actively support the CPA profession. Every dollar contributed to the PAC helps elect them to public office and helps your profession to be visible in the legislative and political process.

What are the PAC's objectives?

  • To promote the CPA profession.
  • To protect the trust, confidence, and esteem the CPA certificate holds in the public's eye.
  • To support candidates running for State House and Senate that are sensitive to the issues that affect the CPA profession.

What do MNCPA PAC dollars do for me?

Simply put: contributing to the MNCPA PAC affords you:

  • Access: You have the opportunity to state your case to a lawmaker who is willing to listen to your views before he/she votes.
  • Credibility: By contributing to individuals and caucuses, you help elect business-minded individuals who support CPA issues.
  • Visibility: Raising your visibility at the Capitol demonstrates your will and seriousness to lawmakers about the importance of your work, issues, and businesses.
  • Affect change: By strengthening the MNCPA's voice at the Capitol, you ensure that the Society has the opportunity to affect positive change for the profession.

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Why should I contribute?

You directly benefit by contributing to the MNCPA PAC and ensure that:

  • Decisions about your business are made with your input by people who are interested in and knowledgeable of CPA issues.
  • Your elected officials will be informed regarding legislation that can impact your practice.
  • Your profession's voice remains strong at the Capitol.

Contributing to MNCPA PAC ensures lawmakers that CPAs are actively involved in issues affecting their profession. It is an investment in your professional future and will help cover your assets.

How can I get involved?

You can decide to make a difference right now by donating to the MNCPA PAC. It only takes a minute to fill out the form, but the impact of your participation can have lasting effects for the profession.

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