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MNCPA Connect

Broaden your circle with online member communities

How often have you turned to a colleague for help with a tough question? Or maybe you don’t have access to someone with the necessary skills and knowledge to consult. Now imagine expanding your pool of peers exponentially with MNCPA Connect.


What is MNCPA Connect?

MNCPA Connect is a members-only online community allowing you to exchange information within accounting-specific groups. CPAs have a lot of knowledge but not a lot of time, so take advantage of this resource that puts accounting information within easy reach. Establish relationships and set yourself apart as a content expert through MNCPA Connect. 

What communities are available to join?

  • Accounting Standards
  • Connect B&I
  • Connect General
  • Government
  • Infotech
  • Not-for-profit
  • Peer Review
  • Small Business
  • Small Firms
  • Tax-Corporate
  • Tax-Individual 

What can you do with MNCPA Connect?

  • Post on industry hot topics
  • Ask questions and offer expert answers
  • Share resources through articles, white papers and links to professional sources
  • Voice common concerns
  • Learn about innovative approaches
  • Explore big ideas in the accounting profession
  • Establish one-on-one relationships with fellow members

What can using MNCPA Connect do for you?

Build your reputation. Gain credibility and establish yourself as a leader in the industry when you share your knowledge and experience with others.

Share ideas and best practices. Expose yourself to alternate approaches, new ideas, thought processes, and problem solving.

Learn from others. Have a question? Pose it to the community and benefit from the knowledge of fellow industry experts.

Gain visibility. Get your name out there. When you offer your insight and expertise, you market yourself and your business subtly and effectively.

Enhance your network. Build and maintain relationships with a community of your peers through mutual support and collaboration.