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Love your CPA letters?

Of course you do! Those three letters behind your name speak for themselves.

Companies seek CPAs for their starting line-up because it’s the gold standard of business credentials.  Colleagues and clients alike recognize you as an ethical expert. And rightly so.

But don’t let the support stop there. Too often, companies are unaware, unwilling or unable to financially support your CPA certification. And that, quite simply, is unfortunate.

Make a business case – for you!

You’re well-versed in making a business case for initiatives you believe in. Do the same for yourself. Educate your employer on why their support of your active CPA certificate is critical for you as a professional and them as an organization.
Remind your employer that your CPA credential is more than just letters.

  • It means trust when meeting with clients or vendors.
  • It offers increased stability when business regulations change.
  • It ensures ethical decision-making behind the scenes.

Now is the time of year to make the business case for why your employer should support your active CPA certification. The conversation is worth your while!

Ready to go active?

There’s no time like the present to convert your inactive CPA to active. Bonus: You can make the change any time during the year.

Learn more about switching to active

Show off your CPA letters!

Active CPAs enjoy the limitless possibilities of using their CPA credential anywhere and everywhere, whereas inactive peers must follow set restrictions. This is good for you as a professional, as well as your employer.


We're here to help! Contact the MNCPA at or 952-831-2707.

The Board of Accountancy regulates CPAs in Minnesota. Contact the BOA at 651-296-7938.