Management and Business Advisers Conference

J Sessions

Friday, June 14,
1 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

J1. Protecting Your Success: Strategic Risk Management
Room: L100C

Speaker(s): Jennifer Elder
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1.5)

You spend years building your company’s reputation and one minor misstep erases your hard work in seconds. Unfortunately, risk management is often ignored until the worst happens. In this informative session, gain the tools you need to create a risk management strategy that will not only help protect your organization from disaster, but take advantage of opportunities hiding within one. Understand risk management and disaster recovery, and how to identify major risks facing your company. See how strategic planning differs from strategic protecting, and how you’ll need both for a successful risk management strategy.

Room: L100C, Lower Level | View map

J2. Minnesota Department of Revenue: Working Together to Fund Minnesota's Future
Room: L100E

Speaker(s): Cynthia Bauerly, Robert Doty
NASBA field of study: Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)

With Minnesota’s legislative session concluding, now’s your chance to hear directly from the Department of Revenue (DOR). Get the latest on legislative developments that may impact businesses operating in Minnesota and what you need to know to comply with new tax law changes. Look at recent trends in business tax fraud, such as sales suppression software. Learn about the information, education and services that the DOR provides, and get valuable tips for working with the Department, including how to share your feedback.

Room: L100E, Lower Level | View map

J3. Digital Transformation: Audit Shop Perspective
Room: M100B

Speaker(s): Robert Hach, Jason Seeger
NASBA field of study: Auditing - Technical (1.5)

Undergoing a digital transformation has impacts – direct and indirect – on companies and departments of every size. Now is the time to get up to speed on this evolving and increasingly important topic. Understand what digital transformation is and how it could impact your company or team. Identify and examine the potential risks involved. View digital transformation from an auditor’s perspective and evaluate different approaches audit teams can take when implementing one.

Room: M100B, Mezzanine Level | View map

J4. Self-Assessing Your Cybersecurity Risk
Room: M100G

Speaker(s): Donny Shimamoto
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

Are you worried about whether your data is at risk for a cyber-attack or breach? Learn how to assess your cybersecurity risk in this in-depth session, using techniques familiar to most auditors and accountants with internal control experience. Identify which data sets and systems could be at risk and know the right questions to ask your IT department, service providers and business partners. Discuss the difference between confidential and private data, dive into cyber-liability insurance, and make sure you understand the implications of your information security practices.

Room: M100G, Mezzanine Level | View map

J5. Employment Law Update
Room: M100D

Speaker(s): James Olney
NASBA field of study: Business Law - Technical (1.5)

Ensuring your employment practices are legally compliant is one of the more vitally important elements of managing a business. But it can be difficult to keep up with law changes, new regulations and case law developments that occur every year. Examine the statutory, regulatory and case law developments related to employment laws from June 2018 through May 2019. Make sure you have the information you need to help your firm or company operate legally and effectively, and to help your clients stay in legal compliance.

Room: M100D, Mezzanine Level | View map

J6. Surviving in a Candidate-Centric Market
Room: M101

Speaker(s): Gal Noyman, Beth Weir
NASBA field of study: Personnel/Human Resources - Non-Technical (1.5)

For the first time in more than 17 years, there are more open positions than unemployed people in the United States, making it harder to find and attract the talent you need to grow your business. How do you survive in this talent-driven market? Recognize the difference between active and passive talent. See how the gig economy impacts hiring. Discover common mistakes made by hiring managers and how to avoid them. Learn how to find and focus on your competitive edge.

Room: M101, Mezzanine Level | View map

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