Management and Business Advisers Conference

P Sessions

Thursday, June 25,
12:40 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

P1. Building a Healthy Workplace Culture

Speaker(s): Dr. Michael Kiefer
NASBA field of study: Personal Development - Non-Technical (1)

Take a minute to assess your workplace environment. How do you and your coworkers feel about working there? Do new hires want to stay? Learn how to create a positive, motivating office culture that supports employees and keeps them happy, healthy, engaged and working comfortably. Find out what other organizations have done to create a good work environment — including ergonomics, activities, teamwork, training, celebration, fitness and respect — and discover ways to adapt those ideas for your own organization. Plus, get tips on managing and motivating a remote workforce.

P2. Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Your Excel Workbooks

Speaker(s): Thomas Stephens
NASBA field of study: Computer Software & Applications - Non-Technical (1)

Save time and improve accuracy with the latest artificial intelligence tools from Office 365. Discover how you can bring that artificial intelligence to your own Excel workbooks. Explore leading-edge features including ideas, new data types, the ability to insert data from a picture and dynamic arrays.