Management and Business Advisers Conference

James Lindell, CPA, CSP, CGMA, MBA

James Lindell

Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc.
Dousman, WI

Conference session(s)

Session H2: Wednesday, 9:05 – 10:20 a.m.
H2. Unstoppable Teams

Session J1: Wednesday, 12:40 – 1:55 p.m.
J1. Ethics: A Line in the Sand 2020

Session N1: Thursday, 9:05 – 10:20 a.m.
N1. Reinventing the Office With Lean Processes

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10/30/2014 - Bloomington, MN

14SKSB2: Annual Update for Controllers
3/23/2015 - Bloomington, MN

14ETHSD42: Ethics: A Line in the Sand for CPAs
3/24/2015 - Bloomington, MN

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3/24/2015 - Bloomington, MN

15TKBP: Toolkit of Best Practices for Today's Controller and Financial Manager
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15SKSB: Annual Update for Controllers
6/10/2015 - Bloomington, MN

15ACCS: Advanced Controller and CFO Skills
6/11/2015 - Bloomington, MN

17CL4BMS: The New Controllership: Keys to Boosting Management Skills
10/23/2017 - Plymouth, MN

17CL4BFP: The New Controllership: Keys to Boosting Financial Performance
10/23/2017 - Plymouth, MN

17CL4TKBP: Risk, Cost and Cash Management for Controllers and Financial Managers
10/24/2017 - Plymouth, MN

17CL4GSCA: Position Your Organization for Success: Strategies for Today's Competitive Environment
10/24/2017 - Plymouth, MN

17TCA: The Competent Accountant: Mastering the Controller/CFO Role
10/25/2017 - Bloomington, MN

18MATTT: M&A Tricks, Traps and Terrors
11/19/2018 - Bloomington, MN

18BER: Is Your Business Wobbling? Business Entropy and Renewal
3/27/2019 - Bloomington, MN

18CSCCF: Coaching Skills for CPAs, Controllers and Financial Managers
3/28/2019 - Bloomington, MN

18TCA: The Competent Accountant: Mastering the Role of Controller/CFO
3/29/2019 - Bloomington, MN

19SKSB: Annual Update for Controllers
10/24/2019 - Bloomington, MN

19DAAN: Analytics and Big Data for Accountants
10/25/2019 - Bloomington, MN