MNCPA Tax Conference

L Sessions

Tuesday, November 17,
3:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

L1. Nuances of the CARES Act: You've Only Scratched the Surface

Speaker(s): Robert Keebler
NASBA field of study: Taxes - Technical (1.5)

The massive $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act includes a wide array of tax measures. When it hit, we all scrambled to understand the changes and capture immediate relief for clients. But this act runs deep, and you may have only scratched the surface. Go deeper into CARES Act nuances at this session. Explore the issues the IRS and the Small Business Administration only recently addressed (and others that must be revisited). Learn about required minimum distributions, net operating loss (NOL) modifications, coronavirus-related retirement plan distributions and loans. Get guidance on the repeal of Section 461(l), charitable deduction enhancements, last-minute ideas on the Paycheck Protection Program and more.

L2. Panel Discussion: How Tax Preparers Can Reduce Their Cybersecurity Risk

Speaker(s): Daniel Hanson, Jason Olson, Jamie Shaw, Donny Shimamoto, Thomas Stephens
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

This panel discussion covers developments in cybersecurity threats and how tax practitioners can combat them to protect firm and client data. Matthew Gamble, a senior analyst with the IRS, will share trends the IRS is seeing and insights from the service's annual cyber summit. Dan Hanson will offer insights about the insurance side of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents. Jason Olson, a certified fraud examiner, will share lessons from some of the data breach incidents he has overseen during forensic accounting engagements. Tech expert Tommy Stephens will break down technology options for protecting client data. And Donny Shimamoto, a CPA technologist and cybersecurity risk management adviser, will moderate the discussion and talk about more options for protecting your firm from security threats. Come away with practical insights on cybersecurity, risk management and CPA firm management.

L3. Navigating Uncertain Times With HR Outsourcing

Speaker(s): Angie Barghini, Mark Wight
NASBA field of study: Personnel/Human Resources - Non-Technical (1.5)

Uncertainty -- in the form of COVID-19, the economy, unemployment and elections -- is prevalent right now, but not uncharted. The current economy faces a similar situation to 2007, and companies are looking for help in recalibrating their strategies to effectively return to work, reimagine what the new environment holds and make changes based on the market shift and regulatory compliance. Take a look at some of the data and tools available to navigate these challenges, from business continuity and employee wellness to COVID-19 resources and more. Find out what’s involved with human resources outsourcing (HRO), how it can help adapt to evolving demands, and when it’s appropriate for your firm or clients. This session is sponsored by ADP.