MNCPA Tax Conference

Q Sessions

Wednesday, November 16,
2:35 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.

Q1. Gaining Momentum for Your Future From the Great Resignation

Speaker(s): Jimmy Williams
NASBA field of study: Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)

Explore powerful strategies to grow your firm and develop services that are highly profitable by taking advantage of the Great Resignation. Gain guidance and inspiration to help you create new business strategies to achieve goals and plan for a future that attracts the right clients to your practice. Come away with ideas for how to create revenue streams that are predictable and recurring for your firm and your clients.

Q2. K2/K3 Reporting: The Second Year

Speaker(s): Edward Zollars
NASBA field of study: Taxes - Technical (1.5)

The K-2 and K-3 forms burst onto the tax scene early in 2022 and many CPAs scrambled to deal with them for 2021 returns. Now you need to consider how to approach them for 2022 returns. Just determining if a partnership or S Corporation needs to file this return for 2022 is not simple, and more partners and shareholders have been receiving these forms. Understand why the IRS added Schedules K-2 and K3 and learn how to report information contained on these forms on partners' and shareholders' tax returns. Review what situations will allow a partnership or S Corporation to avoid filing this form, as well as how to obtain key information when these forms are required.

Q3. Cultivate Your Own Dream Team: Unlock the Hidden Potential in Others

Speaker(s): Sarah Elliott
NASBA field of study: Personnel/Human Resources - Non-Technical (1.5)

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between coaching, mentoring and sponsoring? Ever feel like there's no time for your own work because everyone is always coming to you for answers? In this engaging, interactive session, discover a simple, yet powerful, coaching process you can use in the moment to help others become more resourceful and successful (plus, you’ll have an opportunity to practice coaching each other!). Identify the characteristics of the coaching mindset and learn how to use a simple coaching process in your day-to-day interactions, so you can unleash the hidden potential of those you work with to cultivate your very own dream team.