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A new version of the CPA exam will launch April 1, 2017. Content on this page will be updated accordingly following the change.
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There’s “street cred” and then there’s “CPA cred” - find out who earned theirs
Our newest CPAs are at the top of the list. Congratulate them on this accomplishment. 

Finance your accounting degree
Spring deadlines for scholarship applications are fast approaching! Check out the MNCPA's scholarship page for a quick reference guide of available accounting scholarships.

“The world is yours”
You’ve earned your CPA credential and now the world is yours. Join your colleagues, friends and loved ones at the Spring Recognition Dinner on May 25 to celebrate your awesome accomplishment. 

2016 CPA exam pass rates
Is there a better time of year to take the CPA exam? Check out the 2016 pass rates and see which quarter has a higher number of exam passers.

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The MNCPA has created a step-by-step guide to becoming a CPA.



Know the requirements and find a Minnesota college with an accounting program.


CPA Exam

Understand the process of passing the CPA exam with our comprehensive guide.



A comprehensive guide to the requirements and process to become a CPA in Minnesota.



Everything for the future CPA from employer research to finding a mentor.



Find answers to questions on education requirements, the CPA exam and the certification process.


MNCPA associate membership

You don't need to be a CPA to join the MNCPA. Associate members have many of the same benefits as CPAs. Start building your professional reputation now.

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