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A new version of the CPA exam will launch April 1, 2017. Content on this page will be updated accordingly following the change.
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Changes coming to CPA exam in April 2017
The CPA exam is changing in an effort to better reflect the type of work expected of today’s new CPAs. The revised exam will test cognitive skills over memorization. Exam structure, timing and cost will also change. Know someone currently sitting for the exam? Encourage them to finish before the new exam launches.

Congrats to Minnesota's newest CPAs! 
These new CPAs deserve a pat on the back. Check out the list and see if any of your friends or colleagues need to be congratulated on this big feat!

Cheers to the future!
The MNCPA recognition dinner is just around the corner. Join us in congratulating the newest class of CPAs for this great accomplishment on Oct. 27.

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