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The MNCPA works to promote positive change at the legislature on behalf of the CPA profession and business community. Your expertise helps lawmakers understand and support professional issues. This source is to help you keep track of changes, contact legislators and be an active grassroots volunteer.
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News and events

The POWER of the PAC
You have the POWER to make a difference for the CPA profession through the MNCPA Political Action Committee (PAC). The POWER of the PAC is simple. With your contributions the society can support legislators who help impact legislation with CPAs' best interest in mind. Invest in your profession today.

Legislative Digest

Legislative Digest is an email newsletter that provides you with relevant news and updates on our advocacy efforts.

Latest issue:
April brings more than tax deadlines

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Capitol Transactions

Capitol Transactions is a regular column in Footnote magazine that helps you stay current on legislative news, events and grassroots involvement.

February/March 2017 column:
MNCPA 2017 legislative agenda set: residency factors, conformity continue as priorities

Contacting your legislators

My Legislators

My legislators Unsure who represents you? Find out which House, Senate and Congressional District you belong to and connect with your legislators.

Tips for contacting your legislators

Tips for contacting your legislators Preparation can go a long way in helping you be an effective advocate for the issues that are important to you. Maximize your impact with legislators by reviewing these tips.


Government Relations photos on Flickr

Find out what the government relations team has been up to lately.

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Your connection to government relations

Geno Fragnito

Geno Fragnito, director of government relations, is the MNCPA's registered lobbyist working full time on behalf of the membership.

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Influencing positive change

With the help of your donations to the MNCPA PAC we have had great success at the Capitol throughout the past decade.

MNCPA legislative achievements 

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Tax Guide for Legislators

The MNCPA created a guide to help state elected officials better understand the tax laws that apply to them.

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