Professional Education (CPE)

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NEW! Digging Deeper With Data Analysis
Discover how to integrate data analytics into your audits for better and quicker control deficiency and fraud detection.

Excel Boot Camp: Two Days of Hands-on Training
Using examples developed by accountants, for accountants, get practical guidance that will improve your Excel efficiency and save time.

Chapter Check-In

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Rochester CPE: Frequent Frauds Found in Governments and Not for Profits
Examine frauds that commonly occur in governments and not for profits and discover smart strategies to overcome them.

St. Cloud CPE: Ethics, Professionalism and Performance
There's more to ethics than just avoiding wrongdoing. Master ethical leadership for stronger client relationships and business performance.

Alternative Options

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Rolling Forecasts Replace Budget - Webcast
What should an organization do to change the focus forward in this rapidly changing world? Discover the benefits of rolling forecasts.

NEW! Ethical Decision Making - Webcast
Watergate. Iran-Contra. Enron. Learn how fostering ethical diversity can prevent the slippery slopes that lead good people to do bad.