Professional Education (CPE)

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Take your career to new heights with an audit certificate
Bolster your career and expertise by earning a specialized audit certificate from the AICPA. Certificates are available for employee benefit plans audits and single audits. 

Seminar Spotlight

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Government and Not-for-Profit CPE
Whether you work for a government entity, a not-for-profit organization or a firm that advises these sectors, attend these programs to stay up to date on the latest compliance issues and planning opportunities.

Staff training programs
Give your staff members the training they need to be productive and profitable members of your firm. 

Excel seminars and webinars
You use it every day, but you could be wasting time on cumbersome processes! Get guidance, best practices and timesaving tips to help you finally excel at Excel.

Alternative Options

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Preparation, Compilation and Review Annual Update (Webinar)
Take a comprehensive look at the latest standards updates affecting your preparations, compilations and reviews in this 8-hour webinar.

Overtime and Classification Changes: Are You Ready to Comply? (Webinar)
The recent DOL changes to overtime regulations require careful planning to stay in compliance and avoid exemption errors. Get your questions answered by HR expert Larry Morgan in this quick webinar.