Becoming a CPA

The process step-by-step

A new version of the CPA exam will launch April 1, 2017. Content on this page will be updated accordingly following the change.
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Becoming a CPA in Minnesota is a multi-step process. You must meet the education requirements, pass the CPA exam, pass an ethics exam, gain the required experience and then apply for a certificate.

Keep in mind that the application/qualifications for the exam and the application/qualification for the CPA Certification are two distinctly different processes. 

1. Meet Minnesota's education requirements for the Uniform CPA exam.   

2. Apply for the Uniform CPA Exam. 

 3. Prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam. 

 4. Pass the Uniform CPA Exam.  

5. Take the self-study ethics exam. 

6. Meet the experience requirements. 

7. Apply for a certificate to practice through the Minnesota Board of Accountancy. 

8. Maintain your certificate to practice. 

Have certification questions?

The Minnesota Board of Accountancy issues all CPA certificates in the state, including your initial certificate. Should you have questions regarding where you stand in the certification process, the BOA can be reached at 651-296-7938 or visit them online.

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