Rules & CPA Certification

The MNCPA is not a regulatory body. The Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA) and IRS have the final authority for interpreting and implementing statutes. If you have unique questions or situations, please contact the Minnesota BOA or IRS for assistance.

MNCPA and BOA differences

MNCPA and Minnesota BOA differences
Use this checklist to determine whether to contact the MNCPA or the Minnesota BOA for answers.

Becoming a CPA

Becoming a CPA
Description of college requirements to apply for the CPA exam and earn your CPA certificate.

CPE requirements

CPE rules
Information on credit requirements and limitations, reporting CPE to the Minnesota BOA, record keeping.

CPA certificate information

CPA certificate information
Education and experience required to apply for your certificate.

Public accounting firm requirements

Public accounting firm requirements
Details and links regarding renewal for firms and sole proprietors.

Rules & Certification FAQ

Rules and certification FAQ
Answers to common questions about certificate renewal, CPE reporting, and CPA certificate status options.

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