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No one at your firm has time for CPE that lacks substance. Skip the fluff and dive right into real-world guidance designed for public accounting staff, from new hires to new supervisors. 

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Find the right workshop for staff members of all experience levels:

Workshop  Dates  Who Should Attend  Program Objectives 

Level 1 — Basic

Blended learning

Jan. 7-8, 2019

(24 CPE)

First-year staff with at least two weeks of experience on audits, compilations or reviews.

Improve skills to be more productive and profitable on engagements; gain hands-on experience preparing workpapers, performing compilations and reviews, and completing detailed audit tests.

Level 2 — Semi-Senior  

Nov. 14-16, 2018

(24 CPE)

First- and second-year staff with one to two years of experience and responsibilities for compilation and review engagements or major audit sections.

Complete smaller audits, compilations and reviews with minimal supervision and maximum profitability; gain skills and confidence to handle small engagements.

Level 3 — Beginning In-Charge

Aug. 20-22, 2018

(24 CPE)

Second- and third-year staff with two to three years of experience, who have led at least two audits or review engagements, or plan to have in-charge responsibilities within the next six months.

Become more profitable; efficiently plan and complete audits; supervise staff; review workpapers; and communicate with partners and clients.

Level 4 — Supervisory

Aug. 13-15, 2018

(24 CPE) 

CPAs in public practice with three+ years of experience and significant responsibility dealing with assistants, clients and partners in accounting, auditing, tax or business consulting.

Enhance non-technical skills; improve ability to profitably manage multiple engagements; better communicate with staff, partners and clients; deliver value-added services.

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