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Minnesota tax law changes (2020)

Page updated Oct. 29, 2020

The Minnesota Legislature passed a limited tax bill during its October special session. The bill included full conformity to Section 179 in tax year 2020.

Read the complete summary of the bill
(Tax changes are found in articles 7 and 8.)

We will analyze the tax bill and provide additional resources and information on this page. In the meantime, please see the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website for updated tax forms and other resources for the 2020 tax season.

Archived webinars

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Minnesota Department of Revenue's webinar script: Tax Year 2020 (Sept. 15, 2020)

Review this webinar script for updates on 2017 and 2018 return corrections, how federal COVID-19 relief payments and unemployment affect Minnesota returns, and a walkthrough of the 2020 draft forms.

Frequently asked questions

Is amending prior years' tax returns to reduce the Section 179 addback optional?
Taxpayers are not required to reduce their addback for qualifying depreciable property. Where they choose not to reduce their addback, they may continue to claim the related one-fifth subtractions on their subsequent returns. If a return with qualifying depreciable property is audited, the addback and related subtractions will be adjusted.

What's the best way to reach the Minnesota Department of Revenue with questions concerning the 2020 tax law?
Contact Revenue at TaxLawChanges@state.mn.us.

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