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Human Resource Tools for CPAs

HR Hotline
Find your peace of mind with this free, members-only tool. Call or email for answers within one business day.

Human Resources Special Interest Section 
Explore HR topics in a live, group setting. 

HR webinar archive
Brush up on your human resource knowledge with archived webinars.  

HR assessment
Improve processes in your organization through this high-level review of your HR programs.  

HR articles
Stay on top of changing regulations by perusing recent articles written by human resource experts.  

Sample HR documents
Save time with sample HR documents, templates and procedures.  

Return to work resources
Simplify your organization's return to the office with these resources.  

Become an MNCPA member and gain access to HR tools

Only MNCPA members have access to the HR Hotline and other terrific human resource offerings. Not a member? Let's fix that.