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MNCPA Legislative Issues

Our current issues

Partnership Audits (Last updated 1/18/2021)
The new changes allow the IRS to audit, assess and collect partnership taxes at the entity level.

Occupational licensing (Last updated 1/18/2021)
As proposed, the occupational licensing regulations could affect CPA licensure and mobility. Making it difficult -- if not impossible -- for Minnesota CPAs to work in other states without first obtaining a license in each state.

Minnesota Tax Court rulings (Last updated 1/18/2021)
The MNCPA supports legislation to amend current statute and clarify who is bound by Tax Court decisions and how the decisions can be appealed.

Federal conformity (Last updated 1/18/2021)
In previous years we have achieved some significant and incremental conformity to AMT and the estate tax.

Tax on Professional Services (Last updated 1/18/2021)
Sales tax on accounting services proposals introduced in 2017 would extend sales tax to all professional services, including a new tax on business and consumer accounting services.

Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Last updated 1/18/2021)
Changes and updates to the current taxpayer bill of rights will provide some additional protections and certainty for those trying to comply with the law.

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