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Young Professionals Group Leadership Committee

Do you like brainstorming? How about sharing feedback? Then we’ve got a great way for you to get involved. Join the YPG Leadership Committee to help shape YPG programing and resources. Share your insight into the ways young professionals ought to be supported throughout the year to come.

Time commitment: 7-10 hours. YPG Leadership Committee members participate in three in-person, one-hour meetings a year, as well as the YPG Captains’ Orientation Luncheon on April 23, 2024. YPG leadership committee members are also highly encouraged to attend YPG events throughout the year. 

Committee Chair Position(s): 15-20 hours. In addition to participating in regular committee meetings and the YPG Captain Orientation Luncheon, a committee chair person undergoes spokesperson training and presents information about the YPG at the New CPA Recognition Dinners. The 2024 New CPA Recognition Dinners are on May 30 and Oct. 29 at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Wayzata. Finally, a chair person is also responsible for approving the meeting agendas provided by MNCPA staff prior to each regular committee meeting.

Ready to join the YPG Leadership Committee?
Reach out to us at to sign up.

You must be a current MNCPA member in good standing to join the YPG Leadership Committee.

Current members:

Megan Feltz
U.S. Bank
2023-24 Leadership Committee Co-Chair

Shelby Lloyd
Eide Bailly LLP

Jasmin McKenzie
Boyum Barenscheer

Marcus Rien
Lightstar Renewables, LLC
2023-24 Leadership Committee Co-Chair

Grant Kluesner
Deloitte LLP

Ready to join the YPG Leadership Committee?
Reach out to us at to sign up.