YPG Captain Program

Scoring and point logs

Captains are responsible for keeping their own score for each opportunity to earn points. Following each event they will submit a log to the MNCPA membership coordinator. Their yearly points will be tracked by the membership coordinator throughout the year. Competition standings will be frequently posted throughout the competition in the MNCPA Footnote magazine and on social media sites.

Those captains who show commitment to the program will be recognized by the MNCPA in a letter to their managing partner or superior of their choice.  

Point system
5 points for each YPG event that the captain attends
5 points for each guest* a captain brings to a YPG event
2 bonus points for each unique** guest brought to a YPG event
15 bonus points for each guest that applies for MNCPA membership at an event
10 points if a captain gets someone to apply for MNCPA membership at anytime
10 points if a captain tags the MNCPA in a social media post (max. points = 40)
10 points if a captain volunteers for the "Behind Closed Doors" panel at the Student Conference
15 points if a captian volunteers as an ambassador at the Student Conference

 * Please see rule 9 for definition of a qualifying guest.
** A unique guest is a qualifying guest who has never attended a YPG Event.

2019 Captain Logs 

May 8 | Happy Hour with DRIVE

June 6 | Mini Golf with RMA

June 20 | Taps and Trivia

July 25 | Etiquette Dinner

Aug. 13 | Golf Outing with RMA

Sept. 19 | Happy Hour Squared with DRIVE

Oct. 30 | WhirlyBall


Please return your log to Amanda Farag at afarag@mncpa.org within two weeks following the event.