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YPG Captain Program


YPG Captains can earn event and non-event points throughout the YPG season (April 1-March 31). A member of the MNCPA staff will track individual point totals according to the information collected at YPG events and reported by the YPG captains themselves. 

Event points: Captains do not need to be present to earn event points. At the start of every YPG event, all attendees are asked to check-in with an MNCPA staff member. During this check-in process, attendees will add up their point-earning potential depending on which circustances apply to them. Attendees will then be asked which captain their points should be attributed to, if any. Qualified event attendees from a firm/company without a captain will be encouraged to become YPG captains or to attribute their points to a captain they want to get to know during the event. 

          *Pop quiz: If you were qualified attendee checking-in to your first YPG event of the season, who many event points would you earn for your captain? See answer below. 

          5 points - I am a YPG captain
          5 points - I am a qualified attendee
          2 points - This is my first YPG event of the season
          10 points - I tagged the MNCPA in a social media post about this YPG event (redeamable once/event)
          15 points - I will apply for an MNCPA membership during this YPG event (redeemable once/event)

           *Answer: A qualified attendee checking-in for their first YPG event of the season would earn their captain a total of 7 points. Qualified attendees meet the requirements for becoming an associate or CPA member of the MNCPA or they are associate or CPA members already.

Non-event points: Only captains can earn points for accomplishments unrelated to YPG events. Captains are responsible for communicating their accomplishments throughout the season with NOTE: Non-event point values are higher per item, but if there is a tie between two captains, the captain with the greatest number of event attendees will win.

          7 points - I attended a new cpa recognition dinner as a YPG captain (redeamable twice/season)
          10 points - I helped [first and last name] apply for MNCPA membership outside of a YPG event
          10 points - I tagged the MNCPA in a social media post
          15 points - I secured my company/firm's YPG captain for next (redeemable once/season)
          15 points - I volunteered for a shift in the MNCPA booth (redeemable once/event)
          25 points - I recruited [first and last name] to volunteer at the Accounting Career Summit