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Broadening pathways to CPA licensure

Jen Leary headshot"The current shortage of CPAs has hit the nonprofit sector especially hard because nonprofits cannot easily increase their funding to pay higher rates for the CPAs that are available, and nonprofits are generally not lucrative clients when compared to for-profit entities."
— Nonoko Sato, executive director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

In addition to the MNCPA board of directors and MNCPA members, here is a list of some of the people and organizations who support broadening the pathways to CPA licensure and the related legislation.

  • Boz Bostrom, CPA, professor, College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University
  • Dr. Eric Grube, CPA, associate professor, Concordia University, St. Paul
  • Guylaine Saint Juste, president and CEO of the National Association of Black Accountants
  • Jen Leary, CPA, managing partner, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
  • Iowa Society of CPAs
  • League of Minnesota Cities
  • Minnesota Association of School Administrators
  • Minnesota Association of Small Cities
  • Minnesota Association of Townships
  • Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Minnesota Watersheds
  • Ohio Society of CPAs
  • South Carolina Association of CPAs
  • Virginia Society of CPAs
  • Washington Society of CPAs
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