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COVID-19: Disaster and pandemic planning resources

Updated December 2021

Whether a natural disaster or a global health emergency, use these resources to help you and your clients stay informed, prepared and avoid a crisis.

The latest COVID-19 news and resources

The American Rescue Plan Act

Signed into law March 11, the Act includes several tax provisions, funding for local governments, stimulus checks for individuals and more.

Minnesota's COVID-19 response

Gov. Walz's landing page for Minnesota's COVID-19 response and preparation.

Minnesota Department of Revenue guidance for taxpayers

Learn how the DOR is responding to COVID-19 and related changes to state taxes.

IRS guidance

Access the latest IRS information about coronavirus tax relief and economic impact payments.

COVID-19 and related resources

Federal COVID-19 relief bills

Returning to work and vaccine resources


How to address current workforce challenges

A perfect economic and employment storm has been brewing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What's an employer to do?

Should employers require a mandate to vaccinate?

In one of the biggest moves yet to get Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, President Joe Biden unveiled new vaccination requirements that are expected to have major repercussions for employers.

The importance of employer branding

There's always been a competition to hire top talent, but with the number of open jobs today throughout the pandemic, employees have more options than ever before.

How to prevent turnover when introducing your 'new normal'

Employers and employees alike adapted to the disruptive changes to their work environments — but now it’s time to prepare for a long-anticipated but more gradual shift to the workplace of the future.

Keeping fresh: How to prevent turnover

Living through a pandemic has added to the state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion of CPAs and financial professionals.

Why hybrid work models are essential to the future of the profession

Can you define what a "normal" workplace is? It's a definition that continues to expand.

As organizations move back to work, what does the 'new normal' look like?

HR expert Larry Morgan shares ideas for returning employees to the office.

Upheaval and resilience: The path to accounting amid COVID-19

Accounting educators and students talk about how their experiences may change the future of the profession.

American Rescue Plan and employee-related issues

Read how this law affects emergency paid sick leave, emergency paid family leave, expansion of unemployment benefits, a COBRA subsidy and a temporary expansion of dependent care.

Why hybrid work models are essential to the future of the profession

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about a different normal in the workplace. The future of retaining — and recruiting — staff may depend on it.

Maintaining and enhancing client engagement

There are several actions you can take to maintain a high level of client service from afar. Here are a few ideas to help boost your client engagement during these unprecedented and unconnected times.

Staff connectivity ideas in the age of COVID-19

Staff engagement is always vital, but it's especially important during a pandemic. Check out these ideas from local firms to safely connect with your staff and peers in 2021.

How to overcome screen fatigue

Zoom, Teams and Hangouts -- oh my! There's a reason why you're feeling exhausted after hours on video calls. Find out why and how to recover from screen overload.

Responding to COVID-19 with remote access? Pay attention to security!

Tech expert Tommy Stephens shares five best practices for the increased number of people working from home in your office.

COVID-19 pandemic turns CPAs into emergency workers

Donny Shimamoto shares insight and thoughts from CPAs across the country amid this trying time.

National/international resources

COVID-19 global cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

World Health Organization

U.S. Travel Association