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Retired CPA Certificate Status

Updated April 14, 2021

CPAs certified in Minnesota can be granted retired status by the Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA). 


To qualify for retired status, you must:

  • Be 55 years old or older.
  • Hold an active or inactive CPA certificate in good standing.
  • Declare that you’re not practicing public accounting in any jurisdiction.

Submitting a request

Assuming all qualifications noted above are met and no late fee is required, submit a Retired Status Request Form to the BOA. 

The Retired Status Request Form can be mailed or emailed. If emailing, note “Retired Status Request” and your CPA certificate number in the subject line. All forms do require a physical signature. Digital signatures are not accepted. 

Access Retired Status Request form

Expired CPA certificates need to be brought back into good standing with the BOA prior to being granted retired status. Refer to the BOA's Retired Status Request Instructions for guidance on next steps if your CPA certificate has expired.  

Have CPE to report?

If you took CPE for the current year and want it on record with the BOA, report your credits before requesting retired status. Doing so makes it easier to reapply for active status down the road. 

While returning to the workforce may seem unlikely today, you never know when your previous firm or client calls you back into service. 

Effective status change date

A status change to retired is effective the day the Board approves the request. 

You will receive a follow-up retirement card from the BOA once your request has been granted. This information is also searchable within the “Find a CPA” section of the BOA’s site. 

Search for your CPA status 

Rules for using retired status

CPAs with retired status can’t perform any work that requires an active CPA certificate or otherwise hold themselves out as a CPA. 

Once granted retired status by the Board, it’s important to represent yourself correctly. Options for using the retired status include:

  • Certified Public Accountant – Retired
  • CPA – Retired
  • Retired Certified Public Accountant
  • Retired CPA

Maintaining retired status

There is no annual CPE or certificate renewal requirements for maintaining retired status. There is also no cost to maintaining retired status. 

Converting from retired to active or inactive

A retired CPA certificate can be converted to active or inactive status. To do so, complete an Application for Reinstatement form available through the BOA.  


The Board of Accountancy regulates CPAs in Minnesota. Contact the BOA at 651-296-7938.

Contact MNCPA customer service at or 952-831-2707.