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Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA) extends 2020 CPE deadline to Sept. 30, 2020

Active CPAs may use CPE earned after June 30 but prior to Oct. 1, 2020, to meet the CPE requirements for the 2021 license renewal period.
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Applying for Your Initial CPA Certificate

Updated April 27, 2020

CPAs are certified through the Minnesota Board of Accountancy (BOA).

What are the requirements for CPA certification?

Fulfill each of the following requirements before applying for your initial CPA certificate:

  1. Pass all four sections of the CPA exam.
  2. Take the self-study ethics exam.
  3. Complete one year of work experience.
  4. Earn 150 college credit hours, including specific credits in accounting and business-related subjects depending on your school’s accreditation.

You cannot hold yourself out as a CPA until you have been certified by the BOA.

Ready to apply for your CPA certificate?

Apply for your initial CPA certificate through the BOA. Online application is now available, allowing you 24/7 access to the status of your application. 

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How long is my initial CPA certificate valid?

Your initial CPA certificate expires on Dec. 31 of the year it was issued. Renew your CPA certificate annually through the BOA by Dec. 31. 

BOA renewal schedule

Understand the key deadlines for your first year of certification


The  Board of Accountancy regulates CPAs in Minnesota. Contact the BOA at 651-296-7938.

Contact MNCPA customer service at customerservice@mncpa.org or 952-831-2707.