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Succession planning for high-level financial roles [MNCPA]
Executives aren’t always thinking about succession planning. In a Robert Half survey, nearly half (48%) of CFOs polled said they have yet to identify a successor for their position.

EEOC not seeking renewal of EEO-1 pay data collection, but current data collection requirements intact
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced on Sept. 12, 2019, that it is not seeking renewed approval to collect compensation data after its first and only reporting period,

Keys to workplace happiness
Happiness at work is something nearly everyone wants, but it can be challenging to achieve.

3 ways new employee surveys can improve retention
Here are three ways that a new employee survey can support and even improve retention. Make sure to ask the right questions and analyze the results for action.

What to know about FLSA changes
On Sept. 24, the DOL announced its final rule on raising the salary threshold needed to satisfy the executive, administrative and professional exemptions to the FLSA.

Important employment law update for employers
New Minnesota amendments create criminal penalties for the failure to pay wages on a timely basis

Minnesota has a CPA exam ‘gender gap’ [MNCPA]
The gender gap in public accounting is real — and it is a significant problem for the profession.

Top considerations for employment agreements
Contract negotiations can be difficult, lengthy and, at times, costly. But, with a well-designed employment agreement, you’re able to reduce or eliminate litigation and prolonged issues. Here are the top 10 considerations when negotiating an employment agreement.

Changes to the Affordable Care Act
Be aware of changes to health insurance coverage reports for employees as it relates to changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Human resource trends to watch in 2019
How quickly time goes with the entirety of 2018 nearly in the rearview window. It’s time now to turn attention to 2019 and what could be the biggest trends in the human resource arena.

What to do when the EEOC comes knocking
Harassment and discrimination claims continue to climb, especially in light of the "Me Too" and "Times Up" movements. Current and former employees, and even employment candidates, can file charges up to 180 days following an alleged incident of harassment or discrimination under federal law.

Immigration enforcement is a hot topic, especially with employment
Immigration and employment remain hot topics amid increased enforcement from the Trump administration. Make sure your company is following the correct processes.

Hiring in a tight labor market
The only thing worse than hiring an employee who doesn't work is having to go through the process all over again. This is especially true in the current labor market, where demand for talent is high, and the number of people able to "fit the bill" is more limited.

Employee record retention and destruction issues
To keep or not to keep, that is the question

Is it harassment or just fun at work?
Some situations are obviously wrong -- they may run the gamut of sexual assault, criminal sexual conduct or just so blatantly offensive that it's hard to believe the action took place. These situations are easy to address; formal discipline including termination of employees may be the outcome. But, not all situations are as clear cut.

Top four human resource risk factors: Address these issues before they're bigger issues
All organizations face risk, regardless of size or industry. Addressing the risk involves identification, prevention, avoidance, mitigation and risk shifting through training, insurance and ongoing inspection of systems and property.

Employee expense reimbursements: Legitimate or fraudulent?
Expense reimbursement schemes fall within a subset of fraudulent disbursements underneath the "asset misappropriation" umbrella. So, what exactly are expense reimbursement schemes, how do they occur, which type of organization is most vulnerable, and most importantly, what are the best practices organizations can adopt to reduce their risk of these fraud schemes?

A contract game [MNCPA]
Combing through contracts is a learned skill, and one for which many CPAs are not initially prepped.

A data breach: What (you have) to do when the worst happens [MNCPA]
Did you know private businesses accounted for 50 percent of all data breaches in 2018?

Companies supporting CPAs [MNCPA]
It’s a simple story, and one that you’ve heard countless times. Heck, it’s one you can relate to.

In light of Lapidus v. Lurie [MNCPA]
Minnesota courts upheld a CPA firm’s noncompetition agreement with the firm’s former managing partner, carrying clear takeaways for firms in structuring retirement and noncompetition provisions.

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