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Responding to an Ethics Complaint

If you receive an opening letter from the MNCPA stating that an investigation has been opened:

  • Respond promptly
  • Answer all questions thoroughly
  • Submit as much relevant information as possible
  • If you fail to respond within any designated time period:
    • Lack of response could constitute a failure to cooperate
    • Could lead to termination of MNCPA membership
  • Information on how complaints are handled by the Ethics Committee.

Joint Ethics Enforcement Program (JEEP) Manual

To learn more about the investigation process, view the JEEP Manual. The JEEP Manual of Procedures explains:

  • Your rights and obligations in an investigation
  • The joint enforcement, between the AICPA and MNCPA, of the Code of Professional Conduct for CPAs who are both AICPA and MNCPA members
  • How a single settlement agreement or joint trial board hearing satisfies both AICPA and MNCPA