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Live CPE Webinars

Webinars offer a convenient way to earn CPE credits from your home or office. With webinars available in 1-16 credit increments, in topics like accounting, auditing, ethics, technology, tax and more, it’s never been easier to fit CPE into your busy schedule.

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Featured webinars

20WX-0793: Cognitive Biases for Accountants (Webinar)
Jul. 14, 2020  |   Online   |   2.0 CPE, 2 Ethics

20WX-0806: Power BI: Create Excel Dashboards for Maximum Impact (Webinar)
Jul. 15, 2020  |   Online   |   2.0 CPE

20WX-0820: Office 365 OneDrive App - Managing and Storing Your Files (Webinar)
Jul. 16, 2020  |   Online   |   3.0 CPE

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What is the difference between MNCPA-produced webinars and webinars from other sponsors?

The registration process, receipt of CPE credits and technical support for MNCPA-produced webinars differs from webinars provided by other sponsors.
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