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CPE Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

How webinars differ from other CPE programs

What is the difference between self-study, on-demand and webinars?

  Self-study / On-demand Webinar
Content delivery Content is viewed online and testing is done online Content is viewed online
Scheduling Can be accessed at any time; no set schedule Available only at a specific scheduled period of time
Attendee questions No instructor is available to respond to questions Instructor is available to respond to questions
Exams An exam is required; must receive passing score on exam to receive CPE credit An exam is usually not required
Attendance tracking No attendance tracking Attendance tracking is required; polling questions, codes or words are displayed throughout the webinar and participants must respond or record them to receive CPE credit
CPE reporting Qualifies as self-study CPE Qualifies as group Internet-based CPE
Credit limit No more than 96 hours per three-year reporting period; CPE sponsor must be registered as a self-study provider on NASBA's CPE Registry No credit limitations

What is the difference between a seminar and a webinar?

  Seminar Webinar
Content delivery Educational content is delivered in-person in a classroom setting by the instructor Educational content is delivered live by the instructor on a web page and can be accessed from a computer or compatible mobile device; may also be pre-recorded with an instructor available during the webinar to answer participant questions
Scheduling Available at a scheduled period of time; usually 4 to 8 hours on weekdays Available at a scheduled period of time; can take place at any time or day throughout the week
Evenings and weekends No Yes
Location and travel At the classroom site; travel is required At home or at the office; no travel is required
Course materials Link to digital course materials is provided to each attendee; attendees may print their own or download Link to digital course materials is provided to each attendee; attendees may print their own or download
Attendee questions Attendees can ask questions and receive feedback during the course Attendees can send questions to the instructor via email or a chat feature and receive feedback during the webinar
Networking Yes; attendees can interact with other attendees Interaction with other attendees is limited
CPE reporting Qualifies as group live CPE Qualifies as group Internet-based CPE

What is the difference between MNCPA-produced webinars and webinars from other sponsors?

The registration process, receipt of CPE credits and technical support for MNCPA-produced webinars differs from webinars provided by other sponsors.

  MNCPA webinar Other sponsor webinar
Registration Register on the MNCPA website or by calling the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707 or 1-800-331-4288 Register on the MNCPA website or by calling the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707 or 1-800-331-4288
Help and support For registration help, call the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707 or 1-800-331-4288 Contact the specific sponsor or their technology partner 
CPE credits & MNCPA transcript CPE credits are issued by the MNCPA. Typically within 48 hours after completion, the webinar and credits appear automatically on the MNCPA transcript.   CPE credits are issued by the webinar sponsor. The sponsor may email a certificate or provide online certificate access. The webinar does not appear on MNCPA transripts, but is automatically added to the CPE Log for MNCPA members.

Obtaining and tracking CPE credit for webinars

How is attendance tracked during a webinar?

Common methods include polling questions, polling words or letter codes. These appear at regular intervals throughout the webinar to confirm that participants are still paying attention. Attendees must respond to the questions or report the codes to receive full credit. Codes are usually reported on the evaluation form. If attendees miss a question or fail to report all of the codes, they may receive only partial credit for the webinar.

How do I receive my CPE credits and proof of attendance for a webinar?

Webinar CPE credits are issued by the sponsor. Each webinar sponsor has a different method for making earned credits available to attendees. Common methods include emailing a certificate of completion to all attendees or enabling online access to the certificate.

Receiving proof of attendance by webinar sponsor


Why don't my webinars show up on my MNCPA CPE transcript?

Only webinars sponsored by the MNCPA appear on the MNCPA CPE transcript. Webinars from other sponsors, such as AICPA, Business Professionals’ Network, CalCPA, CPA Crossings, K2 Enterprises and Surgent, do not appear on the transcript because the sponsors issue their own credits. For MNCPA members, webinars from other sponsors are automatically added to the CPE Log.


Webinar registration and cancellation

What is included with my webinar registration?

Webinars offer most of what is available at a traditional seminar. A typical webinar registration includes:

  • A PowerPoint slide presentation and audio of the instructor. Some webinars also include video of the instructor in addition to the slides.
  • Complete course materials, which can usually be downloaded or printed prior to the webinar.
  • The ability to submit questions to the instructor and receive feedback throughout the webinar.
  • Access to technical support during the webinar in case of difficulty.
  • CPE credit for active, tracked participation.

How do I register for a webinar?

Webinar registrations can be done via the MNCPA CPE catalog or by calling the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707.

All webinars are intended for individual viewing only. Each person who is viewing a webinar must be registered for the event. CPE credit can only be obtained through registration with the MNCPA. Firms and companies are prohibited from providing in-house CPE credits for their employees. To register a group for a webinar, contact the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707 or toll free at 1-800-331-4288, or at

Why am I not receiving webinar emails?

Your email provider or spam filters might be preventing you from receiving important email messages from the MNCPA. Please follow these steps to add the MNCPA as a safe sender so you're more likely to receive important emails and updates from us. Please note: These steps pertain to messages sent by the MNCPA and won't ensure delivery from webinar partners. 

What is the cancellation policy for webinar registrations?

Receive a full refund if you cancel at least four business days prior to the event start date. You may substitute another person in your place if you cannot attend. Additional nonmember fees may apply. Please notify us as soon as possible so that CPE credits can be recorded appropriately.  

Webinar viewing and troubleshooting

How do I know my computer will work during the webinar?

Before you watch a webinar, make sure your computer is equipped with the right hardware and software. Computers purchased within the last four years that have regularly applied software updates should work for webinars. 

Specific system requirements vary slightly depending upon the webinar sponsor. It is also a good idea to test your system before a webinar. This will help you determine if your system is compatible with the webinar software and has adequate bandwidth to view the program.

System requirements and testing by webinar sponsor


How do I watch a webinar?

When you register for a webinar, you will receive an email confirmation. This email usually includes a link to the webinar, login instructions, and your user ID and password. Keep this email for your records because you will need this information to access the webinar. Each sponsor has a different viewing procedure.

Can I use a tablet or a smartphone to watch a webinar?

Yes. Most webinar sponsors use platforms that are compatible with iPads, iPhones and Android devices. Check with the webinar sponsor for system requirements.

How do I download course materials?

Most webinar sponsors allow you to access and download or print the course materials at least 60 minutes prior to the webinar start time. Some sponsors even make the materials available online up to three days before the webinar. Instructions on how to download materials will be included in your emailed confirmation.

I need technical support on the day of the webinar. Who do I call?

Technical support is readily available during webinar programs. Most sponsors provide the phone number of their technology partner for troubleshooting during the broadcast.


Can I ask a question during the webinar?

Yes. Webinars allow attendees to ask questions throughout the broadcast. Some webinars use a “chat” feature to send questions immediately to the instructor. Others use a designated email address to forward questions to the presenter. Attendee questions are encouraged and most instructors will address as many questions as possible during the webinar.

Why am I receiving marketing from webinar sponsors?

The MNCPA provides webinars from outside sponsors as a benefit to our customers. When you register for a sponsor’s webinar, you must provide your contact information. Some sponsors send marketing emails to registered customers. If you do not wish to receive marketing from sponsors, you must opt-out on their websites. Contact the MNCPA CPE department at 952-831-2707 or 1-800-331-4288, if you have questions about opting out.