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Accounting Student Resources

Student Membership
Becoming an MNCPA Student Member connects you to the largest network of CPAs in Minnesota. The MNCPA provides career development, professional support and CPA exam resources to college accounting students.

Student Mentor Directory
Contact fellow MNCPA members willing to help out with questions about designations, career paths, exam advice, etc.

Find out how to apply for accounting scholarships.

Student Ambassador Program
College accounting students - win some prizes, connect with other students and gain important career skills along the way!

Accounting Career Summit - Is Accounting for You?
If you are a high school student interested in learning all about the accounting profession, join us for this half-day conference and hear from accounting professionals about what a day in the life of a CPA is like!

MNCPA Scholars Program
Are you a minority high school student interested in college? MNCPA Scholars have the unique opportunity to get a working glimpse into the CPA profession and find the support to complete high school graduation.