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MNCPA Mentors

Inspiring and educating minority high school students to become aware of, and excited about, the CPA profession.

Mentors and scholars having dessert at the CPA Panel

MNCPA Mentors participate in a year-long program designed to promote awareness of the CPA profession to minority groups. Mentors will attend various skill building events throughout the year with their scholar to help them gain valuable insight into accounting and business careers.

Why become a mentor?

Mentoring is consistently cited through the recruitment and retention literature as one of the most effective strategies for increasing the number of racial minorities in higher education, as well as having significant positive outcomes for graduation and career placement of minority students.

Mentors support and foster the next generation of diverse CPAs by giving the scholar a true sense of what it’s like to be a CPA. Mentors will have several interactions throughout the year from events to emails to help the scholar become excited and educated about the profession.

MNCPA mentors responsibilities

As an MNCPA Scholars mentor, you are committing to your scholar for the 2023-24 school year. You are the person the scholar will turn to for advice on a variety of issues, and it's essential that you are up to the challenge and passionate about your role. It is your job to be an inspiring and encouraging addition to your scholar’s life.

Being a mentor is more than sitting down, every-so-often, to talk about goals and dreams. It's a commitment to do everything you can to help this student succeed and reach their goals.


  1. Send at least one e-mail and two text messages to your scholar per month.
  2. Have a conversation over the phone at least once per month.
  3. Meet your scholar for lunch or coffee once per semester.
  4. Attend select MNCPA Scholars events.
  5. Coordinate a summer job shadow day.
  6. Complete mentor check-in surveys.
  7. Have fun!

Sample schedule of events

September: Welcome event
October: Dress to impress at Macy's (Scholars only)
October: Break the ice game night
November: Visit to a Minnesota college (Scholars only)
December: Accounting Case Studies
January: Company visits (Scholars only)
February: CPA panel discussion
March: Skill building and dining etiquette (Scholars only)
April: Firm visits (Scholars only)
June: Job shadow with scholar
July: Scholars celebration dinner

Thank you to our sponsors

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