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Process Step by Step

Become a CPA in Minnesota

Becoming a CPA in Minnesota is a multi-step process. You must meet the education requirements, pass the CPA exam, pass an ethics exam, gain the required experience and then apply for a certificate.

Keep in mind that the application/qualifications for the exam and the application/qualifications for the CPA certification are two distinctly different processes.

Get your education.

Meet Minnesota’s education requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA exam.
View education requirements

Apply for the Uniform CPA exam.

Learn about the CPA exam format, length, cost, testing sites, testing dates and more.
About the CPA exam
Apply to take the CPA exam

Prepare for the Uniform CPA exam.

Taking an exam review course is the key to passing the CPA exam. Some offer MNCPA group discounts!
Register for a CPA exam review course
Study test simulations and sample questions

Pass the Uniform CPA exam.

Make a plan and schedule, talk it over with your supervisor and more tips for passing the exam.
Review our tips for passing the CPA exam

Take the self-study ethics course and exam.

Purchase the course through the MNCPA (free for new associate members) and complete the exam to fulfill the ethics requirement.
About the ethics requirement

Meet the experience requirement.

You need a minimum of 2,000 hours of work experience in an accounting field to qualify for certification.
Get your accounting experience

Apply for certification.

Once you’ve completed the four E’s (education, exam, ethics and experience), apply for a certificate to practice through the Minnesota Board of Accountancy.
Apply for a CPA certificate

Maintain your certification.

You must obtain and report the required number of CPE credits in a CPE reporting year to keep your certificate active.
Deadlines for your first year of certification
Minnesota BOA CPE requirements


Have certification questions?

The Minnesota Board of Accountancy issues all CPA certificates in the state, including your initial certificate. Should you have questions regarding where you stand in the certification process, the BOA can be reached at 651-296-7938 or visit them online.