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MNCPA Perspectives

QM standards: It’s not too late to make sure you’re on time
June 3, 2024  |  By Faye Hayhurst, CPA
A gentle reminder: Dec. 15, 2025, will be here before you know it... Read more
New Minnesota law requires salary ranges for job postings
May 23, 2024  |  By Larry Morgan
A new Minnesota law going into effect Jan. 1, 2025, will require employers that employ 30 or more employees at one or more sites in Minnesota to post salary ranges... Read more
Update: CPA licensure bills at the Minnesota Legislature
May 16, 2024  |  By Geno Fragnito
I write today with an update about the MNCPA bills at the Minnesota Legislature seeking to broaden the pathways to CPA licensure and tackle the talent pipeline challenge... Read more
CPA licensure and mobility: A deeper, updated look
May 15, 2024  |  By Linda Wedul, CAE
With a growing number of states, including Minnesota, Hawaii, Arkansas, Oregon and California, now discussing or actively pursuing changes to broaden the pathways to CPA licensure ... Read more
A clearer pathway to CPA licensure vital to the financial health of Minnesota nonprofits
March 20, 2024  |  By Nonoko Sato
The current shortage of CPAs has hit the nonprofit sector especially hard because nonprofits cannot easily increase their funding to pay higher rates for the CPAs that are available ... Read more
Participate in the NPAG talent pipeline survey
March 18, 2024  |  By Linda Wedul, CAE
A national conversation about the accounting pipeline is underway and you have an opportunity to add your insight... Read more
Common — and outrageous! — attempted tax deductions
March 13, 2024  |  By Julia Shiota
Here are some themes behind commonly attempted deductibles shared in the annual MNCPA Tax Survey of members; some of these might look familiar to you, too! Read more

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