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MNCPA Membership Dues

Annual dues are based on type of practice and your experience in the profession.

Membership year
MNCPA membership runs from April 1 to March 31.

For a limited time, join the MNCPA and pay half the annual membership fee.

New members joining between now and Oct. 1, 2019:
Please note that prorated pricing won't appear when you apply, but will be applied when we process your application. 

Rate class Annual dues Prorated dues
Applied upon application approval
(see note above)
Public accounting firm partners, sole proprietors and officers $375 $188
Company CFOs, presidents and owners of non-CPA firms $340 $170
CPAs holding their certificates for more than 3 years $310 $155
CPAs holding their certificates for less than 3 years $270 $135
Non-CPAs with more than 3 years of experience $310 $155
Non-CPAs with less than 3 years of experience $270 $135
Non-residents $240 $120
Educators $125 $63
Retirees $99 $50

Note: The rates above are for new members joining the society. Renewing members may be invoiced at different rates than the ones above.