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Pass the CPA Exam

CPA exam facts
Facts on content, cost, applying, scheduling and grading.

CPA exam tips
Strategies beyond studying to help you pass the CPA exam.

Application process
Know what information you will need to complete the CPA exam application and what happens next.

CPA exam review courses
Find out tips on selecting the review course that's right for you. Certain review course providers, including Becker CPA Review, Gleim CPA Review and Roger CPA Review, offer discounts (see details for eligibility).

Review details about the exam grading process and steps for candidates who need to retake a section.

Becoming a CPA Video
The MNCPA, a professional association for CPAs and accounting professionals based in Bloomington, MN, understands that navigating the CPA examination process can be confusing. This webinar is designed to provide answers.