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Write for the MNCPA

Call for writers

Share your expertise and knowledge with MNCPA members by submitting an article idea to the MNCPA. We will consider the idea for use in Footnote, our website, newsletters and other distribution channels. Please read this entire page prior to submitting an article idea.
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2024–25 editorial calendar

Issue Pitch Deadline
April/May  Jan. 18, 2024
June/July March 18, 2024
August/September May 17, 2024
October/November July 17, 2024
December 2022/January 2023 Sept. 18, 2024
February/March 2023 Nov. 18, 2024

Topic ideas

The MNCPA publishes original articles written by volunteer authors with a focus on current developments, trends and issues affecting the accounting profession.

Articles considered include topics of relevance to MNCPA members. Articles about issues specific to CPAs in public practice and corporate practice will be given priority. However, other topics are also considered.

Articles should not promote a specific business, service, software or product.

Possible topics include: 

Accounting workforce
Business Intelligence
Cloud computing
Contingency planning/risk management
Employee recruitment and retention
Estate planning
Financial planning
Governmental issues
Health care
Human resources
Generational workforce
Manufacturing issues
Marketing professional services
Mergers and acquisitions
New regulations
Perception of CPAs in the marketplace
Record retention
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
Specialization within the profession
Succession planning
Work life balance

Terms and conditions

  • MNCPA reserves the right to refuse articles.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to ensure credibility and accuracy.
  • All articles are selected and subject to editing by MNCPA staff.
  • Articles will be edited to conform with the editorial style of the magazine.
  • Subheads, graphics, captions, and pull quotes may be added to the content.
  • Authors may submit a short biography with their email address and website. Content should not exceed 30 words.
  • The MNCPA may grant permission to other state CPA Societies to republish articles. Authors will be contacted prior to granting permission.

Submit an article idea

To submit story suggestions, please contact Julia Shiota at or by phone at 952-885-5533.

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